Woooo on Radar again! It always feels like my favorite holiday (Halloween) and my birthday rolled into one! Thanks tumblr

Hate Mail

So some girl on tumblr called me a “fagget”…. not sure if I should be offended or feel bad that she can’t spell….

Tumblr Radar

My Coachella Bin is on Radar. Yahoo! Looks like those days and days and days / months of work + lack of sleep paid off. Thanks Tumblr 



just a bunch of stuff that inspires me and junk

follow me pwease? its lonely over there


Waking up to being on Radar doesn’t get old. It feels like the first time every time. And hello to all my followers :) 

a productive year

Thanks to Tumblr and my Followers this has been my most artistically productive year in the past 4 years. I’m grateful to have found a place that motivates me once again.


Tumblr Radar #4! Im so stoked, it’s always a nice morning present :)

3rd time on Tumblr Radar and I’m actually awake to see it for once 

is anyone elses tumblr acting funky? Like not counting notes? or all my notes will disappear and I have to refresh  a few times

*the not counting notes I noticed for the first time yesterday and the disappearing notes has happened for a bit

**faithfully24 can you message me? I couldn’t find an ask button on your page

I’m featured on the Tumblr Spotlight in Illustrators! Joy :) 

So I woke up confused. Why do I have 12 new followers? Tumblr Gods decided to feature art of mine from a year ago…. ecstatic! 

I have been using tumblr so much lately that now every site outside of tumblr i go to, I find myself looking for the button on the right of the screen to go back to the top of the page….